Center Valley Elementary Hosts Career Day

Today Center Valley Elementary hosted their annual Career Day where CVE students dressed up as what they want to be in their future careers. 

The students paraded through the school halls with big smiles, lots of excitement, and bright futures ahead of them. 

In addition to the parade, there was a variety of speakers ranging from  a Veterinarian, Dentist, Pharmacist, Cosmetologist, Firemen, EMTs, and the Mayor of Russellville, Mr. Fred Teague! The presenters consisted of various community members and parents of CVE students. Speakers rotated to different classrooms and there were 10 vehicles stationed around the building for the students to tour and learn from. In total, there were over 30 presenters inspiring the young students of Center Valley! 

Mrs. Robin Johnson, the School Counselor at Center Valley Elementary, commented, “Career Day gives students the opportunity to learn about a variety of careers. By starting career exploration at a young age, students can begin to understand the many opportunities they will have for their own future careers and the importance of education.” 

Career Day celebrations such as this event are just a few of the many opportunities students receive during their education journeys in the Russellville School District. 

From firefighters, teachers, artists, youtubers, and doctors, the future is bright for all students of Russellville School District! 

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