RSD Board of Education Votes to Extend Superintendent's Contact

RSD Board of Education Votes to Extend Superintendent's Contact

RUSSELLVILLE Ark. - At a called board meeting on January 22, 2024, the RSD Board of Education voted to extend Dr. Ginni McDonald’s contract following the superintendent’s annual evaluation. 

Dr. McDonald’s contract has now been extended to 2027. 

RSD School Board President, Mr. Jeremy D. Keaster, commented “Dr. McDonald has proved to be a strong effective leader for the Russellville School District. The RSD school board commends Dr.McDonald for her guidance in ensuring the promise of the RSD graduate and striving for high quality education for the students of Russellville.” 

Dr. McDonald has led the District since March of 2022. 

“I am excited to continue leading RSD. This District is full of dedicated staff, ambitious students, and an empowering community and I am grateful to be a part of it all,” commented Dr. McDonald. 

Under Dr. McDonald’s leadership, the District has seen higher enrollment rates and higher staff retention percentages. The District has also begun a strategic plan, with priorities in Academic Effectiveness, Financial stability, Career and Workforce, and Communications. 

With the continued dedicated work from RSD staff and students, there is no doubt RSD has a bright future ahead for students and staff alike!

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