The Importance of Being a Responsible Citizen | JD Lowe Profile of the Graduate Story

The Importance of Being a Responsible Citizen

Learning how to be responsible is one of the main goals of elementary school. As soon as students enter Kindergarten, the world of structure, new rules, and building character is introduced. Through their entire educational career, and into the real world, responsibility is a skill that will carry students through every opportunity. 

First grade student, JD Lowe, learned the power of responsibility very quickly. From the beginning of Kindergarten, JD has been an exemplary student showing responsibility, kindness, and integrity in his actions and work. Whether it's making sure a project is complete or helping classmates stay on task, JD strives to be an example of responsibility every day.  

London Elementary Principal, Mrs. Marcia Correia says JD is a student everyone can count on to do the right thing. “JD is always doing the responsible thing. He is a great help in his class and I can always count on him to make sure he leads his friends in being responsible inside and outside of the classroom.” 

JD says he loves his school and that is why being responsible is important.  “When I help my friends know and follow the rules, I am helping keep everyone safe,” said JD. 

JD also demonstrates responsibility in his school by being a leader. Back in December, Mrs. Correia began an extension group for Christmas Around the World. Students were paired up with partners to complete their project. Unfortunately, JD’s partner became sick and was unable to help complete the presentation board for the project. Out of empathy for his friend, and the need to not let down his school,  JD took it upon himself to ensure him and his partner had a presentation board they could be proud of!

JD was recognized at the January RSD Board of Education Meeting for being a Responsible Citizen in his school! This recognition comes from the RSD Profile of the Graduate, which outlines the attributes RSD graduates will encompass when they graduate. 

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 Great job, JD! Thank you for being a great example for your fellow students!