national showcase district

Russellville School District has achieved recognition as a National Showcase District by Capturing Kids’ Hearts (CKH), acknowledging the district's dedication to fostering strong relationships among students and staff. CKH is a national organization which provides tools and strategies for building relationship driven environments, and incorporating social emotional learning and well being in the school atmosphere. 

The National Showcase District recognition is achieved through a rigorous evaluation process which seeks to find high quality implementation of CKH throughout districts. Districts and schools are awarded the CKH National Showcase Recognition after being assessed in crucial performance metrics including the assessment of key performance indicators and conducting surveys among students, staff, and families.

This award represents both an ambitious aim and a commendable acknowledgment of the power in relationship building, reflecting the positive outcomes achieved through the implementation of the Capturing Kids' Hearts® Process in the District.  

For many districts, National Showcase Status, if ever achieved, is not done so until the relationships framework is established for a few years. Russellville School District has attained this status after successfully implementing the framework for just two years! 

Dr. Ginni McDonald, RSD Superintendent, commented, “I am so proud of RSD! This recognition is a testament to our staff's  commitment to establishing connections among students and educators. When relationships blossom, learning expands, and student achievement rises! Great job RSD!"

7 schools in the Russellville School District have been named National Showcase Schools Capturing Kids’ Hearts as well, which recognizes each school’s successful implementation and the beneficial influence evidenced at the building level.  The 7 schools were Center Valley Elementary, Crawford Elementary, Dwight Elementary, London Elementary, Oakland Heights Elementary, Sequoyah Elementary, and the Russellville Intermediate School. 

Congratulations to all of RSD for the great work in achieving this honor! 

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