RSD purchases new building

At the regular school board meeting on May 14, 2024, the RSD Board of Education approved the purchase of a building at 3115 West 2nd Court for the price of $1.150 million. 

The building is 9,104 square feet and includes a variety of unique assets school districts need to operate including a network server room and a vault. The tentative plan for the building will be to house a variety of offices for departments essential to RSD including technology, finance, federal programs, human resources, and special services. Upon the approval of the purchase, the building must pass a feasibility study and building survey before the final purchase is made. 

The District has been searching for a building to provide a centrally located area for departments to work to foster a safe and collaborative working environment. Currently, departments are spread out in various locations in what is called the “Gardner Complex”, including buildings such as the RSD Administration office, the Support Services Building, and the Gardner Building. The purchase of 3115 West 2nd Court fits the unique needs of the District and will provide the opportunity for more collaboration among departments. 

The Gardner building currently houses a few departments in the District. The Gardner Building also holds the Secondary Learning Center, the Russellville Cyclone Virtual Academy, and the RSD Adult Education Center. The plan is to house these programs in different areas that would foster better learning opportunities for students. The RSD Adult Education Center will move into the current Administration Building housed at 220 West 10th Street where the program will be more accessible for incoming students. 

Currently, the Gardner building needs an estimated total of $10-13 million dollars in renovations. The high-cost needs include the construction of a new roof for $3 million, replacing the HVAC system for $1.35 million, floor and ceiling renovations for $3 million, Asbestos Abatement for $200,000, electrical and gas piping for $225,000, and water and sewage system replacements for $450,000. The plans for the use of the Gardner building are unknown at this time. 

The safety of students and staff is the District’s top priority. RSD will find the best solution possible for the students utilizing the Gardner Building to have a safe and effective learning environment. The purchase of 3115 2nd West Court ensures the District can move forward in providing these students a more desirable educational setting. Identifying the best environment for the students will be top priority as the District moves forward.

The purchased building, 3115 West 2nd Court, is considered turnkey ready and will require minimum changes to be utilized by the District. RSD maintains fiscal responsibility and is dedicated to supporting the needs of all RSD staff in their work to ensure student success.