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Cael Breedlove | RSD Profile of the Graduate Story 

In a world full of information readily available, the ability to think critically is a skill that many don’t learn until later in life. However, for one elementary student at Sequoyah Elementary, thinking critically has already begun. 

Meet Cael, a remarkable second-grade student who has demonstrated an exhilarating appetite for knowledge and a steadfast passion for learning. In just second grade, still early in a traditional education journey, Cael can already read at the high school level! 

Cael’s passion for learning extends to others as he strives to share his discoveries with his peers and teach those who need it. One of Cael's recent passions is Origami, the ancient art of paper folding. Intrigued by its intricacies, he delved into the world of Origami, teaching himself the techniques to create beautiful figures with nothing but a sheet of paper. Cael’s classmates caught wind of his newfound talent, and Cael wasted no time in organizing tutorials during recess, inviting his peers to join him in the fun world of learning. 

Sequoyah Elementary Principal Mrs. Holly King says  “Cael is a remarkable young man. He is always looking at challenges as opportunities.  He loves to problem solve and is someone everyone wants on their team.  Cael will do big things one day!” 

Cael was recognized at the March RSD Board of Education Meeting for being a Critical Thinker! This recognition comes from the RSD Profile of the Graduate, which outlines the attributes RSD graduates will encompass when they graduate. 

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 Great job, Cael! Thank you for being a great example for your fellow students!