AMI and Snow Days Information

January 31, 2023

The RSD Board of Education and RSD Administration puts students' needs at the center of every decision they make. Student learning always comes first. Upon implementing the AMI plan last week, RSD administration identified gaps in successful learning for all students in the District. 

In order to respond to the identified challenges, the District has decided to update the current AMI plans in order to make successful learning available to all students and meet all students' needs in virtual learning. 

Important Note: Governor Sanders has announced that Arkansas is in a state of emergency. While many areas of Russellville may remain fully equipped with internet and power, this can vary throughout the school district which covers a portion of the city of Russellville, the city of London, and other parts of Pope County. 

What are Snow Days?

Snow days occur when there is inclement weather that prevents in person instruction. Districts may continue to close for weather days and make the days up at a later date. If the weather has potential to cause power outages or internet issues, AMI days will not be used. 

What are Alternative Method of Instruction (AMI) Days? 

AMI days are called when there is inclement weather or other issues preventing in person instruction. The School District must have plans approved by the Arkansas State Department of Education.  AMI days can be used for inclement weather, utility outages, contagious disease outbreaks or acts of God.  

Why has RSD called Snow days instead of AMI days? 

At Russellville School District, it is important that all students and staff are equipped with the proper technology, academic materials, and instructional resources whether learning is being done in school or at home. Hotspots that were once available for students and staff are no longer available. This means, currently, all students and staff do not have access to the same technology, including chargers for home devices, stable internet, or viable offline instructional materials for virtual learning.  

Can devices be sent home? 

All students have access to devices when in school. However, not all devices have universal chargers available to take home. In addition, there are a wide variety of devices, including iPads, that students use. In turn, not all current AMI instructional materials can be used. 

How does the weather affect AMI?  When there is ice, power outages can quickly become an issue adding additional challenges. Without power, internet, and electricity, it is very challenging for students to complete assignments that require online capabilities. 

What are the current steps RSD is taking? 

In order to ensure all students receive proper instruction, the District will be updating the District’s AMI plans, including online and offline options for instruction. While the plans are being updated, inclement weather days will be completed as snow days and students will attend school on the designated make up days. 

RSD wants to make sure our families are safe and warm. We will ensure RSD students and staff have strong learning environments when weather conditions improve. 

For any questions, please contact the District Administration Office at 479-968-1306.